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"The touch of a shadow, the support of a shell"

This video shows the research & development behind the ECLIPSE harness.

Having worked on ergonomic designs for a while, our goal was to push our frame concept to more stiffness, allowing a better support of the back & a lower fit.

So here comes the ECLIPSE, a skilful balance between stiffness & flex that brings support where you need it and the freedom to move the way you want.


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Noir Matter - Quark Stabilizer - Space Featuring Patrick Rebstock

Shot with Quark and GoPro Hero 6 Learn more at :

Jurre en Sil op Zandvoort


Ozone Alpha single strut kite



The Alpha V1 is a unique single strut design that has redefined our expectations of inflatable kites.


Never Lose Your Inner Child

Kitesurfing helps us maintain an element of childishness. Life is too short, too tough, to always take everything seriously. Certain qualities that you had as a kid can make adult life more fun.

Get out there and enjoy life!

Responsive, fun, smooth and stable define the Uno V2. It comes in three sizes - 2.5m, 4m and 6m. The UNO V2 is a great kitesurf trainer kite which works well with people under 40 kilos and lightwinds. The UNO is not for adult kitesurfers!