I'm in need of a break from the busy beaches in Cape Town. Kiteboarding at my secret spot is magical and one of the most beautiful places to be on the water. It's great to share this epic session with you!

We are very glad to unveil our latest personal project in a very special place. We've shared a 2 week roadtrip in Scotland with Seb and Coralie, our great kitesurfer friends, who enjoy practicing mostly on strapless kitefoil. Packed up and ready from Geneva to Edinburgh, we brought our drone and they brought their foils and the will to explore. Luckily it didn't rain that much and we found amazing spots. We are so grateful for the beautiful landscapes Scotland offered us, it was without a doubt an unforgettable journey. Many thanks to Ketos Foil https://www.ketos-foil.com/fr/ and http://francruzmusic.com/ for helping us produce this video.


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