Every year, I am lucky enough to travel with my girlfriend's family to a small island called "Ré" in the west of France.

This is a highlight of my summer. So much thing to do there :
exeptionnal kiting conditions (flat/waves...), family time, great food and some good friends too ! Thanks Hugo for the warm welcome :)

I hope that by watching this video you will feel the good vibes we share together 2 weeks a year.

Stay tuned!

We are transporting you to the clearest water you will ever witness while Kitesurfing in the Tobago Cays with the latest North kiteboarding Foil in this episode of Island Life. After fixing my speed boat we had to launch it back in the water the most Caribbean way possible. We then went on to an amazing trip to the beautiful Tobago Cays for a beautiful Foil kitesurfing session between the islands.

We proudly present you: "UNLOCK" the film, unlock(ed) best describes how we feel kiteboarding should be, absolutely free and without restrictions to riding style, to fully unlock your own potential. See FLYSURFER Kiteboarding riders Dylan van der Meij and Jana Schader experience their rush in breathtaking Mauritius.
Cinematography: Gregor John
For more information check: flysurfer.com

Vette drone beelden uit Bretagne

How diverse is kiting now? In how many different ways can you have fun? Kiting has evolved so much and is a sport giving you bit of sensations from many other sports now, making it a really unique sport.

Together with my team mate Théo Démanez (one of the best freestyle kitesurfer in the world), we wanted to show you in this video, a glimpse of two different disciplines and a maximum of fun in our north of France playground. Unfortunately for Théo, he suffered a severe injury and went to the hospital few days after we started shooting, so our video project came to an end.

Wish him a good and quick come back and stay tune for the next one :)

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