A new kite design is coming: High Pressure Kite

There were 3 main types of kites marketed today. By chronological order :
  • ram air kite (similar to paraglider)
  • inflatable kite (shaped frame) divided in C-shape kite, Bow kite and mix of both
  • monoskin kite (first marketed in 2013)
Each one has its pros and cons (see here-under chart). 
There has been a few attempts to make high pressure inflatable kites. None went to market.
Although my concept may seem very simple, almost “obvious”, those who attempted to develop a high pressure kite didn't come to the same solutions and failed. Today November 25th 2018, there is no high pressure kite on the market.

The first idea was to find a way to make cheaper kites for the kitesurf market. 
  • shaped tubes are expensive to manufacture, are heavy and their weak point always is the seam.
  • replacing the "classic" inflatable frame by one made of hoses produced industrially would be cheaper
  • there would be no seam so it would be possible to inflate at much higher pressure in order to narrow the diameter, reducing the drag and weight

How to achieve it ? By purchasing custom made rolls of “hose” and making the frame by cutting the roll in parts. The hose frame should have enough flexibility to follow the kite shape.
The “High Pressure kite” concept was born !