Home made BOW

Home made
Hi all,

for lack of a better name I will call it fishtank (for the "transparent" panels)

some info:
material: ocean 455 dacron LE and ribs canopy AIRX900 and 600 combination.
design: bow kite with 6 ribs, 6 straight, with profile to canopy.
for the canopy 3M provided me with some tape that will not require stitching, will test other tapes for dacron parts in future kite.

I still need 2 strut bladders to finish kite, then I can test.
just hoping it will fly at least half as well as it looks!

thanks to:
GIGI (www.kite-stuff.org) for advice on the design
Bart and friends (http://www.bozon.org/) for plotting the plans straight to fabric
Bruno legainoux (http://www.inflatablekite.com/sitebow/BowAccueil.php) for giving me permission to build myself a bow-kite
and 3M for giving me a role of tape to test
and especially my gilrfriend who had to put up with all the building frenzy (I love you)

Greets Aram

more pictures can be found here: