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Ozone Instinct Range…

After last years amazing success of the Instinct from LEI first timers, Ozone have come with full force into 2007 with a range of three Instincts. A different kite for different styles and pocket, the three kites have been completely redesigned from the original model and while keeping all the good points from 2006 they have added a ton of new features and performance for 2007.

Instinct Light. Low aspect ratio, 3 strut, ultra light, affordable and great in the waves, the light is aimed at the traveler, wave rider or for schools teaching programs. The Light is also the kite to own if you are interested in learning to ride unhooked. This is the handle pass, unhooked kite that will allow the rider to learn those ballsy moves with ease. All in all its a kite to leave you smiling.

Instinct Sport. The next generation of the original Instinct with increased turn speed, more feel in the bar without adding pressure and a much simpler water relaunch. The Sport has lost none of the traits that impressed us all last year, still has massive gust control, depower and high build quality. Ozone has bought into the patented "one-pump" system and has applied it to the Sport, making for fast filling of this 5 strut kite.

Instinct Edge. This is Ozone high performer, designed to let you rip fast and send you high, the Edge has a high aspect ratio and super thin leading edge and struts making it very fast and with amazing hangtime. The edge also keeps the familiar Instinct feel with good unhooked ability, great in the gusts and a big wind range. This kite is for the focused kitesurfer who demands the best from the material.

All kites come with aerodynamic anti scuff pads, ergonomic anti line catch tips, anti invert span line, carbon bar, 5 line safety, technical backpack with board carry section, self rescue handles, high quality workmanship.

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07 Gears
Ozone Kite and Board Travel Bag.

Keep your kites and boards all together and undamaged during your travels with the kite and board bag from Ozone.

If you carry more than one kite or board to the beach or if you like to travel with all you kiting gear then this is the bag to make your life a whole lot easier.

This high quality durable bag will hold 2 boards and 3 kites with plenty of space for your bars and lines, harness, pump, wetsuit and your travel clothes. There is a separate padded board section which will keep your board locked in place with straps to avoid movement and damage during travel. The sharp rails of your kiteboard are protected from damage by an extra layer of EVA energy absorbing foam padding. The massive kite and clothing section has three compression straps outside to keep the bag cinched to a minimum size, making it easier to get in and out of the car. The zip pocket inside the top compartment keeps your fins and screws safe if you decide to remove them on long hauls. A large zip pocket on top of the bag makes it easy to access travel documents, maps or your wind-meter without having to open the main bag. All the buckles and straps can be tucked away when they are not in use to avoid any damage to them if they get caught during unwieldy airport baggage handing. Both tips are protected by the addition of extra scuff resistant hardened material.

Super tough, tear resistant material.
2 length sizes 125cm and 145cm
2 tough grab handles
Removable rucksack style carry straps
2 zip pockets
Shoulder carry strap
Address label window
Extra Reinforced ends
EVA foam padding for ultimate board protection
A lightweight 2.5 kilos


The Beachfleece is the ultimate must have travelling accessory; it becomes your favourite possession and allows you to stretch out on any surface in luxurious comfort.

Lightweight and warm the beach fleece will keep you snug and toasty on the beach, at a park, on a plane or in a car. When the sun isn’t out or if the wind is a chilly, wrap yourself up in it or use it as a blanket. It measures a huge 170cm by 120cm but folds up into a handy pouch with shoulder strap only 30cm by 45cm and can be used as a comfortable pillow.

Perfect for your non kiting partner to chill out on
The ultimate gift for friends and family
Ideal for those short or long haul flights. It is also allowed on as a second piece of hand baggage (as it is classed as a pillow by security)
A great surface for your children or babies to play on
Great to keep in the back of the car for winter emergencies or those impromptu picnics