PKRA Austria results

As the Austrian round of the PKRA – DMG Surft Worldcup 2007 drew to a close, there were mix emotions among the crowd and competitors that gathered at Neusiedl See. The whole event saw only one day of competition held as the wind proved to be the dominating factor in this extreme sport. The wind kept holding back since the second day of the event, in some occasions managing to tease both the crowd and the riders by showing strength early in the morning before finally dying down in the afternoon. However, the competitors, judges, organizers and the fans of the PKRA were able to enjoy off-competition activities such as paint ball shooting, bungee jumping, and other outdoor leisure activities.

Results of the men’s doubles:

1. Aaron Hadlow (Flexifoil, UK)
2. Kevin Langeree (Naish, Netherlands)
3. Youri Zoon (Slingshot, Netherlands)

Results of the women’s doubles:

1. Gisela Pulido (Slingshot, Spain)
2. Bruna Kajiya (Best, Brazil)
3. Karolina Winkowska (Naish, Poland)

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