Hadlow Mega Kite Looping

ImageFor a couple of days the wind and weather was weird, I rode my 13 both days and it wasn’t very sunny like usual. I still made the most of it though and had a couple of good sessions, it was good to get a bit of practise on the bigger kites after using my 9 for most of the time out here.
Yesterday was epic, in the evening I went to La Boca, a small river mouth 5-10 minutes from Cabarete, it has dead flat water and pretty good wind. It’s really good for photos and video so a group of us went up there for a photo shoot.
The other riders that came were Yuri, Alvaro and Kevin, I took my 11 and hit the water, it was the perfect size and it was so good to be back on flat water after the harsh chop of Bozo Beach.
The day went really well, I pretty much did everything I can do, I also learnt a couple of new things, one was a Nuclear Whirlybird - Blind, where you grab Nuclear, then wrap the bar over your head spinning one handed in a sort of double S-Bend, then landing blind, it was caught on camera so I will let you know when it’s online.
Also I learnt a new grab on a KGB, it’s hard to visualize and explain, its a sort of nose grab but instead of reaching around the front you reach around your back, that is also on camera, so again, I’ll let you know when its online so you can check it out.
Anyways I don’t have new footage or pictures from out here yet so I though I would show this small movie of a Mega Loop session I had during the sandstorm I experienced in Egypt.
Thanks to the one and only Miss Wilson for capturing the moment.

View the action here...