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Wipika BMX hybride

"C" kite handling + “Bow” kite performance

The all new 2008 BMX is the symbiosis between the classic “C” kites and the new bow kites. The constant R&D over 10 years resulted in a completely new concept. The flat arc-design of the canopy guarantees maximum performance and with just 2 bridles and 2 pulleys the kite can provide massive depower and keeps the responsiveness of a “C” kite. Easy handling with the fuss-free 5-line set-up with the proven CLS 5th line – introduced by Wipika in 2003 and now used by most of our competitors – stands for maximum safety, easy relaunch and depower&repower on demand. Heavy duty-construction with reinforcements in high-stress areas, but no weight-adding gimmicks like battens or spider-web bridles. One bar fits all kites – either BMX or MX.

The BMX - kite for all riders looking for huge lift, big air and vast range.

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Sam Van Olmen met Wereldambities

ImageSam Van Olmen (Carved Teamrider) heeft ambities om volgende seizoen de worldtour af te gaan!

Sam Van Olmen is een getalenteerd teamrider van Carved Kiteboarding. Afgelopen week is hij geinterviewd door de Gazet van Antwerpen (

In dit artikel laat de voormalige Belgische kampioen duidelijk zijn wereldambities zien. Hij zal volgende seizoen mee in de wereldtoer Kitesurfen deelnemen ( Echter om dit te verwezenlijken is Sam nog steeds op zoek naar geldsponsors die hem willen bijstaan.

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Ozone 2008 Bar

08 Bar
Megatron Chickenloop

New Molded Chickenloop design
Easy to operate, wide mouth for hooking in our out easily
Passes the requirements for the AFNOR EU Norms for Chickenloop releases in emergency situations
Top handle spins for easy line un-tangling
Suicide leash attachment
Fits into bar for perfect connection (male to female)
Fool-proof release system and easy to re-connect with one hand
Beal line for chick loop line - never wears out (But is replaceable in case of failure by accident)

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PKRA Brasil report

Brazil Singles Part 2 - PKRA Kiteboarding World Tour 2007


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Nobile 08 test @ Duinbergen

Nobile 08 TEST
Maandag 24 september om 14h kan iedereen de nieuwste Nobile 2008 boards komen bekijken en testen. Mark Shinn zal aanwezig zijn om de nodige uitleg en demo's te geven.

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