OZONE New Snowkite Brochure

Snow kites 2008
We are proud to present you our new snowkite brochure for the Snowkites 08. The brochure includes product pages for the all new Snowkites AccessXC; FrenzyFX and MantaII
Plus some words from Chasta and our Pittarak Team that crossed Greenland from South to North travelling 2300km with our kites. In one 24hr non-stop kite session they travelled 412km!

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Chasta - Moorea News

Hope you had some good wind around the world. After my trip in NZ, I brought back the new chicken loop to test, and I have to say I really like it. It’s so easy to hook in after an unhooked move and I’m really confident about the release, I tested it few times.

Titaua again took some really nice footage from the Moorea crew, and I just finished editing it. We’re missing more lifestyle to show you, but it shows you the potential around Tahiti



http://benwilsonsurf.com/  is now live! Global Slingshot rider Ben Wilson
is considered as one of Kitesurfings most influential and progressive riders
worldwide and is at the forefront of developing riding in the waves with a kite
as the next extension of surfing. In conjunction with his latest film
THE UNKNOWN ROAD, benwilsonsurf.com offers more insight into Ben’s
world and the potential of his vision with video downloads, online store,
advanced kite surf coaching, giveaways, travel and an exclusive members
lounge, plus heaps more!

Party @ Zeebrugge 27/10

Party time @ Zeebrugge on 27/10

Be there...


Een echt geheim is het niet meer dat Nobile samen met Mark Shinn bezig is met het ontwikkelen van kites. Er is alvast de domeinnaam NOBILEKITES.com actief  met een Blog waarop je al enkele foto's kan vinden van de proto's van de kites.

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Easy Travel Surfboard

A surf board that travels easy? This one does...

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Fuel 2008, Colours

Fuel 08
All the 2008 Colours, ziet er vet uit..

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