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ImageNaish has more info on the new SIGMA kites on its site.

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Cabrinha 08 news

The XBOW is more high aspect than last year ......same feel....leading edges the same.....neoprene covers on the one pump struts so no wear through areas....extra beef up on the leading edge and the seams are bullet proof so no chance on tumors along the major seams...also the strut seams in the canopy are beefed up.......the strut segmenting is tuned up as well......the bridle now has replacement areas on the pulleys so you can change the heavy wear area out for cheap and really fast.....lots of thought in the new birds and all new color frames and bars as well.....different grip and ergonomics

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ImageThis is a customer satisfaction study which is carried out in a

co-operation between Best Kiteboarding and the German Sports University

Cologne. In order to improve our products and services, and therefore in

your very own interest, we ask you to fill out the questionnaire. Every

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Adjustable Rocker board


Features and Configurations

- can be set up to adjust rocker from nearly flat to approximately 2 inches

- may also be used to exclusively adjust board stiffness without changing rocker

- may also be used to adjust stiffness while adjusting rocker

- primary adjustment can be done without wrenches while on the water

- may be set so it does not affect the board's stiffness or rocker if desired (natural flex and rocker)

- for the next board I will make the towers integral in the board - (so no hard shapes or edges to stub your toes on)

- by adding different rubber absorbers to the handle, can adjust the stiffness of the board

Although this board was constructed with some special features to accommodate the adjustments and side load of the inserts - it is actually a stiffer board than I usually ride BEFORE installing the handle. Don't pay any attention to the asymmetrical shape - that is just me playing around with board designs....
Concept is currently patent pending.

More info & Video here...

F-ONE Delta design

Delta C-Shape
Heres the first details on the new 2008 patented F-One kite.

It certainly looks the part.
No News on thier advantages at this stage however the Delta shape looks like it will depower extremely well without losing steering line tension.

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Image-Korting op alle damesharnassen
-Gratis kite-initiatie bij aankoop van een nieuwe kite
-Ruime keuze aan Board/travelbags
-Cyclone Wave-kiteboards in test beschikbaar
(enkel na afspraak)
-De Nobile Kiteboards 555, 666, NBL en Kiteskim zijn steeds op stock


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