Bow kites do everything better !

Image30th of June 2007 was a special day for the kitesurfing world:
Less than two years after the introduction of the Bow kite concept on the market, a EH Ripper. WON the Cabarete PKRA Men event, a Cabrinha Switchblade made 4th while a Best Waroo WON the Women Freestyle even and a Cabrinha SB WON the Women Board Off contest.
So three of the four titles went to flat kites.

It's also the first time in the PKRA history that an unknown rider wins an event.

First bow kite win in the PKRA

ImageAriel Corniel from Cabarete wins the Cabarete PKRA 2007 on a EH Ripper Bow kite.

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Shinn Wave Hybrid

Wave Hybrid
Hi guys,

When i arrived at the beach I saw that Mark shinn was there. after a minute or 5 i saw him riding the waves on a new board. I got closer and this is how it looks The board is really thin and hast the same fin setup like an F-one legend, so it's a mutant (2 fins at the front and three at the back) the guy who tried it told me that it has alot of grip on the water. Sadly, Shinn just left Belgium so i can't tell you more!!!



Gezien de ongunstuge voorspellingen voor dit weekend hebben we besloten om de wedstrijd niet te laten doorgaan. We zijn momenteel aan het uitkijken om de wedstrijd eventueel te laten doorgaan eind augustus, maar meer info later. + VYF + Outside Oostende

Spleene Zone pic's

SPleene wave board Zone (159x43cm) detailed pic's.

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