I have been kiteboarding for over 17 years and I have been involved in R&D for a long time. I really enjoy getting the most out of my riding by constantly improving the gear to the max. My aim is always to make a board that feels and reacts exactly the way I like. A couple of years ago I saw Lieuwe boards pop up on the scene and more and more riders where riding them. All these dope wooden boards everywhere I knew that I wanted to know more about them. Visiting the Lieuwe HQ in the Netherlands I got to meet the boys and was immediately blown away by their attitude, dedication and passion. Florian loves mechanical engineering and even builds his machines by hand. With this true craftsmanship and big passion for kiteboarding I knew we were onto something special and we started our journey to create my new kiteboard. My style is always pretty aggressive and powerful and therefor I like a board that is: Fast - we made sure that this rocker gets enough speed into your jumps. We’ve also created a nice bottom shape with a great combination of channels and concave to have grip in the right places. The channels and concave are also contributing to the stiffness of the board along with the thickness of the wood. Whilst keeping the board still light and super strong. I’ve always preferred wide tips and A-symmetrical fins for great powerful takeoffs and controlled landings. The best things about this project is that we partnered up with Sustainable Surf whom helped us create the world’s first gold level ECOBOARD. By choosing wood from a sustainable source, using greener resin and really reduce, reuse and recycle our production waste. As we all need and love our oceans it’s great to help support Sustainable Surf to create more awareness and realisation around the world to protect our oceans. I truly hope that more companies will really make an effort to bring change into their production cycles to produce more eco-friendly products. https://len10.com/board

NOBILE: Hydrofoil Unlimited

Perception of riding hydrofoil is tremendous! There’s a silence, the lightness of flying on a board without touching water. Moving in any given direction is also funtastic! I can ride upwind from point A to point B in a very short time. More: foil.nobilekiteboarding.com/

GKA Kite-Surf World Tour: Cape Verde 2018 - Men's Finals

De heren hadden er bij de GKA flink de sokken in en konden de wedstrijd al in 3 dagen afronden.


Uitslagen bij de heren:

1: Airton Cozzolino  (CV / ITA)

2: Keahi de Aboitiz  (AUS)

3: Sebastian Ribeiro  (BRA)

4: Pedro Matos  (BRA)


Slingshot Kiteboarding 2018: The Phantom Wing

Double surface design for double the adventure . For any addicted hydro-foilers and efficiency pioneers, that want to explore new possibilities with a kite. As your skills evolve and you become an expert in angles and efficiency, you’ll eventually hit a wall with the limits of your LEI kite. It’s literally a drag. Combine the Phantom with your hydrofoil and your world on the water will never be the same. Discover new upwind angles, speeds, light wind minimums, hangtime and overall efficiencies. Sessions you would have written off are now completely rewritten.

SIZES: 11 / 15 / 18 M

High aspect speed/touring and freedom finder
Crushes upwind angles and light wind minimums of LEI kites
Extreme angles and efficiency gives kiteboarders a new experience
Closed cell design assists in water relaunch
Compatible with our normal four-line kite bar
Designed in collaboration with the legendary foil designers at Elf Kites

Welcome to Zian

An introduction to Zian Kites, what motivated them to develop the challenger brand.

Mono 2018 Product Clip

The Mono: A unique one strut Allrounder in the simplest package possible. Doesn´t matter if on a twintip, a waveboard or on a foil, the Mono does it all.


blend of characteristics, combining the strength of carbon fibers with a bombproof base material. The IC6 Technology offers great resistance and stiffness with extreme durability.

A very user-friendly package with maximum fun potential… for only $899. Paired with a F-One 51 or 49 Foilboard, you can get a F-One foil package for $1599.

Equipped with the new IC6 injected carbon 850 front wing and fuselage, offering:

  • early and super smooth take-off
  • impressive control and maneuverability
  • the speed range that anyone should expect from a versatile foil

Built to resist:

  • IC6 wing and mast =  resistance and stiffness with extreme durability
  • 100% aluminum mast, including mast foot
  • IC6 stabilizer, same as our hybrid but with IC6 material
  • 100% aluminum fuselage
  • All FCD connectors are now 100% aluminum, precisely machined for a perfect fit and easy assembling/disassembling

Available in 2 setups:

  • 65cm mast : for schools, new comers or improve your tricks with more ease
  • 90cm mast : your best friend for many years

Upgradable and compatible with F-one foil range

Wathever your style and level, you can upgrade it with any of our carbon wings, masts, fuselage from any size/lengths. Switch as you wish !




Kong Of The Air 2018

Morgen live vanuit Zuid-Afrika: de Red Bull King of the Air 2018!

The most badass, big-air Kiteboarding contest in the world returns. It’s is all about the amplitude as contestants go head-to-head in a “flag out” competition format. During the two week weather window riders will only face-off in the perfect conditions – when the legendary Cape Doctor is at its epic best, punching out consistent wind speeds of over 30 knots and providing the perfect swell from which to boost some extreme manoeuvres.


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