Men who ride up mountains p2

Hi everyone Here the 2 part of men who ride up the moutainsWe did this video with Wareck last winter in 1 day ( like the first part)It s showing snowkiting like we love it :freeriding.Thanks Wareck for ou great job johann civel snowkiting guide



A great session in May 2009

Freeriding with friends is really cool

100 km in one day!



Hi Mountains lovers,

A few years ago, our imagination brought us a new way of mountain riding with an absolute freedom!

We exchanged the helicopters (expensive and polluting) against powerkites.

Eventually this practice of mountain riding is more what we like.

Pleasure during the ascent, and the hikers know the satisfaction of riding a slope,

that they‘ve climbed right before, just with the energy of nature!

The development of freeriding, is actually really satisfying!

Winter 2009 was really snowy, perfect to calm our thirst for freedom and adrenalin…

Of course, during the no-wind days we enjoyed skiing in ski resort.

But, we are always looking for the perfect conditions which will allow us to travel 10.000 meters

riding with the kite in the bag (good vibes assured).

This movie was filmed with my friend Johann Civel.

Join us for the next movie! Wit more freeride, pow-pow, riders, actions…
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