Hi everyone

here an other video from the french Alps at the end of november, in differents place like the col de Vars and col du Lautaret.
The Frenzy FYX is working super well, fast, still powerful and not physics thanks to the 2 poulies.
I tried it yesterday, and it\'s seems to be perfect for ski touring, I think that if you need one kite : try the Frenzy FYX in 9 m”,you will love it.

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het weer is aan het veranderen...


Ozone 09 Snow Kites
Take a first peek at the 2009 Ozone Snowkites! Photos of the new Ozone Frenzy 2009 and Manta 2009 show a colour scheme similar to the new Ozone Yakuza GT kite (Click Here). The new Frenzy has 22 cells and rumors are that the bar will now come with adjusters on both sides similar to the Ozone Instinct water line of kites from Ozone. Last year the the Ozone Access seemed very popular and set the benchmark for an entry level in to depower foils. It will be interesting to see if Ozone have decided to move their "Y Line" setup to the Access this year or have it remain as a 4 line. These are only the first photos to come out so keep tuned for more information!

More info here....

Video here:


2 summits in the same day...
...and more than 24 km in the bottom of the valley


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