Ozone Code V1 TwinTip test

Ozone Code V1 Review – 141x42cm

Released mid January 2018, the Code V1 is Ozones first step in to the twin tip market.

The name ‘Code’ represents the Ozone team coming together to take on the challenge of designing, developing and manufacturing boards that match the performance and quality of their Kites.

The Code is produced in Ozones very own factory. It follows the same high quality production philosophies and techniques as those applied to Ozone  kites, paragliders and accessories.

The Code V1 is marketed as an all round free ride performance TwinTip and availble in sizes

135 X 40 CM | 138 X 41 CM | 141 X 42 CM  | 144 X 43 CM

Construction & Features

The Code V1 is produced from premium A-grade Paulownia core. This provides ultimate flex characteristics, amazing strength, and reduced weight.

It features a Double Concave Bottom Shape transitioning to flat towards the tips. This provides a smooth ride in choppy conditions and powerful carving performance with good grip. It also helps to absorb and control fast landings, making engaged big air and kiteloops forgiving on touch down.

The Freeride rounded-style outline provides excellent carving performance from a small to wide carving radius. Plus solid high wind control and edge retention for boosting even when overpowered. The deck itself has recessed areas along the rail making grabs and board offs much easier.

The Deck features highest quality 316 Stainless Steel inserts embedded into ABS blocks. This insert construction offers superior strength for powered riding and also allows boots to be mounted to the board

The Code V1 comes complete with Ozone’s own G10 fins and pad and strap set up. The pads are a simple design featuring toe lock and memory foam for superior comfort and a lightweight desing.

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