Here are our top 10 tips for kiteboarding with foil kites! If you're interested in kiting with a foil kite, this video will cover the important practical info you should know about foil kite maintenance, launching, relaunching, landing and more.


Overzicht van alle merken en hun Foils. Tevens kan je in een tabel zien welke foil in welke Box of bevestigingsplaat past.

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This guide covers Hydrofoil Mounts and connections for most hydrofoils used for Surfing, Kiteboarding, Wakeboarding, and Windsurfing, if you have a hydrofoil you want to add to the list comment us and include the pertinent information.

Quick Compatibility and Attachment Table
Hydrofoil Attachment and foilmount compatibility table


Wat is nu schijnbare wind, waarom kan je foilen met minder dan 10 kn??


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