Ozone Hyperlink test

Ikitesurfmag heeft de Ozone 9m2 Hyperlink V1 getest, dit is een foilkite die de tubekite kiters een vertrouwd gevoel moet geven. De optie om hem Open- of Closed cell te vliegen heeft een zeer ruime inzetbaarheid van water en land mogelijkheden.

At A Glance

The foil kite trend in kitesurfing has been steadily growing for the past few years; however, as the technology improves we find the performance of these kites has increased exponentially. This is fantastic for those at the top, but for those who wish to use one as an everyday kite, the option has gone out of the window as they become just so technical to fly.

Enter the Hyperlink V1. A closed and open cell foil kite, it has been designed to bridge the gap between a traditional Open Cell foil and an LEI for those who want the performance and versatility of a foil but with none of the hard work which traditionally goes with it!


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