Ben Wilson Wave Riding Tips - Part 3

How 2 wave ride?
In this article we will cover 2 advanced moves plus some survival tips when it all goes wrong.

Lets start with the the forehand SNAP. This is a surf based turn which feels as good as it looks.
The turn is done in the pocket of the wave and is not as vertical as the Re entry.
1 Go hard off the bottom
2 Aim to hit the lip or just under it if its not broken yet.
3 Jam your back foot down hard
4 SNAP the nose of your board back down the wave. - hence the name
5 Keep your weight forward as you come down but be carefull not to nose dive the board

Kite Position - Keep the kite low and have it travelling in the same dirction as the wave.

Style tip - Don't watch your spray - it looks like a pose and you have better things to focus on like the next turn!

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