How to kitesurf: Backroll - Strapless

The Backroll is a good place to start if you want to learn strapless rotations.

The motion with the kite is similar to a transition, with medium speed from 1 to 11 or 11 to 1 o´clock. To regain speed it helps to add a kiteloop at the end.

Let's have a look at the Back Roll in detail:

Start with good speed and the hands placed close to the center of your bar. Send your kite up and make a tight carving turn upwind.

With the kite nearly at 12 o´clock, pull down on the bar and kick down with the heel of your back foot to initiate the take off. At the same time bend your knees fast so the nose of the board can rise up.

Once in the air, your back foot should be used to push the tail of the board in the desired direction. By bending the front knee, you direct the nose down and under your hips.

The key to this move is to make sure that the bottom of your board always faces into the wind. This way the board is pushed to your feet which gives good control.

Once in the air, bend the hips and try to keep your body in an upright position.

If you need to balance yourself, let go of the bar with your front hand.
As you approach the landing, start to pull in with your back hand. Sometimes it helps to add a kiteloop after landing to regain speed. Landing with the nose of the board first will ensure a smooth landing.
If you’re having problems keeping the board on your feet, try grabbing the board with the front hand directly after take off. Stay upright with your body and try grabbing the front section close to the nose.

Let´s remember the key elements:

fly the kite up
to initiate take off push down on the heel of your back foot and bend your front leg
push down on the tail with your back foot and bend your front leg to direct the nose of the board up.
try not to rotate too off axis as this will make it hard to get back over the board
land on the nose first and and in a kiteloop to regain speed.