Vette drone beelden uit Bretagne

How diverse is kiting now? In how many different ways can you have fun? Kiting has evolved so much and is a sport giving you bit of sensations from many other sports now, making it a really unique sport.

Together with my team mate Théo Démanez (one of the best freestyle kitesurfer in the world), we wanted to show you in this video, a glimpse of two different disciplines and a maximum of fun in our north of France playground. Unfortunately for Théo, he suffered a severe injury and went to the hospital few days after we started shooting, so our video project came to an end.

Wish him a good and quick come back and stay tune for the next one :)

Union Island is not really on the Hurricane path but we still gotta watch out for any potential storms heading our way. This season has seen a lot of horrible hurricanes hitting the Northern Caribbean Islands but we have been very lucky here on Union Island as the island didn't get any Hurricane or damages.

Here is another amazing video of young rider Kai, from Maui. It sums up her end of summer 2017. Enjoy once again the style of this 9 year old Hawaiian gir

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