The Kiteboarder Magazine

The Aug07 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine is our most popular issue yet, full of places to travel, instruction, interviews and gear reviews (yes, real reviews!). More than just pretty pictures, check out the latest edition of the magazine 100% made by kiteboarders for kiteboarders. Go to to download!


Beginners to intermediate riders will appreciate this 14-page, info-jammed handbook, with up-to-date content based on the newest gear, methods and tips including knowing your weather; finding the choice location; choosing the right gear; how to tune your kite, bar and lines; how to set up your board; knots you need to know; how to launch and land C-kites, hybrids and bows including self-launch/land methods; how to switch directions efficiently; riding etiquette, how to stay upwind; everything you need to know about board leashes; how to body drag back to your board; and last but not least, how to care for your gear.