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F-one Pocket Carbon 110

Kitefoil strapless After Lockdown, Boucanet - France. Pocket 110 F-one, Escape Carbon 530, Halo 12m 2020. Rider - Micaël Reynaud.

Be DIFFERENT | Try this backroll // SA Masterclass

There are so many different backrolls you can do. Today I'll teach you one of my favorites in this tutorial!

Damn It Feels Good To Kite Again!


F ONE - MAGNET CARBON - Strapless revolution

-ONE brings a revolution to the Strapless Freestyle World Discover the NEW MAGNET CARBON and its exclusive Slim Tech Carbon Custom technology.

Ultra Light and Extremely Resistant, the MAGNET Immediately improves your riding skills.

Jump higher and land immediately all the strapless tricks you have been training on for months!


Come for a wild ride with Pro-Kitesurfer Gabi Steindl, one of Duotone Kiteboarding’s longest standing team-riders, on her “Wave of Life” — a life dictated by the swell, the wind and her kite-explorer missions to the most far-flung corners of the Earth.

After several years in the Kite World Cup (2003-2007), Gabi stopped competitive riding and embarked on her journey as a Globetrotting Freerider, Adventurer & Travel Writer.
Dedicating her life to the quest to discover new, untouched kitesurfing destinations and virgin waves, Gabi roams the planet typically on solo missions.
With over 80 countries under her belt — and counting! — she shares her adventures in articles (over 300 publications so far) for leading magazines internationally.
Gabi simply lives and breathes for her time on the water and her explorer-trips into the unknown. Originally from Vienna, Austria, Gabi is a permanent resident of Australia today living - when she’s not travelling - in Margaret River, Western Australia. Let Gabi show you her “Wave of Life” !