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The new F-One BREEZE V4 is out!

The new BREEZE remains the most user-friendly one-strut kite on the marketwith astounding light wind abilities matched with a complete ease of use and effortless control. This fourth version benefits from F-ONE’s extensive Sail Engineering work, using new fabrics and staggered seams for incredible performances and durability.
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Dream Green



We normally aren’t judgmental here at Slingshot Sports, but if you’re a kiter and you like winter, then you’re a weirdo. Sorry, but not sorry—winter is a purgatorial drag. That’s a fact. Fred Hope’s solution? DREAM GREEN with our limited-edition green UFO!


If you want to escape the winter blues, then our green UFO is here to rescue you, too! But you gotta get your limited-edition green UFO now because once they are gone, they are gone.

Green UFO


The King is back

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Carlos Mario Winner Colombia GKA Freestyle

The King Is Back

Bebe Winning Jump


Congratulations to Carlos Mario Bebe, a long-time member of our Slingshot kite team, for taking first place in the GKA Freestyle Event in Salina Del Rey, Colombia! Bebe put on an incredible performance, showcasing his world-class skills and demonstrating why he is one of the best freestyle kiteboarders on the planet. 

Thank you, Bebe, for being an inspiration to us all! Your win is not only a testament to your dedication, talent, and hard work, but also to the quality and performance of our Slingshot kiteboarding equipment. 

GKA Winning Jump
GKA Freestyle Columbia

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Asylum V6



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We tried to ride the SHORTEST lines ever! KEVVLOG



The Bullit V.2 is out

Hit the bullseye with the BULLIT V.2.
Adrenaline junkies, this kite will give you the fix you need. Now with five struts, the BULLIT V.2 is the weapon you want to take you up off natural kickers and commit to huge overpowered airs in full confidence.
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Using F-ONE’s Sail Engineering, the kite’s entire profile has been smoothed out for sharper performances. The BULLIT V.2 is highly responsive with a super precise bar feel, and brings thrilling sensations, maximum confidence, and impressive stability in overpowered conditions.
• 5 struts for top-end control
• Smooth profile and controlled deformation for incredible flying abilities
• Offers maximum confidence for committed loops
• Ultra-fast turning and fantastic lift for soft landings
• Direct steering response and super precise bar feel

The team has worked on leveling the entire profile with the new innovative Staggered Seams on the trailing edge.

These break the kite’s back lines tension by balancing the stiffness between seams and cloth, which helps distribute the load over a wider area, and maintain the original shape even under high loads. We kept the fabric’s orientation towards tension as well.


The struts' reinforcements are now super sleek as well thanks to the Kevlar strip on the top. This improves the kite’s steering and maneuverability, reduces the aerodynamic disturbances, and decreases the overall weight of the kite once wet.

The BULLIT V.2 now has five struts, leading to an impressive stability and power handling. We also increased the kite’s aspect ratio to obtain more span and less width for a better control of the profile. The control of deformations is total, especially when overpowered.


On the back of the profile, we have reduced the overtensions thanks to the Staggered Seams, where we used our new TECHNOFORCE 66g. It is stronger and more resistant on elongation to offer a better control for higher winds.

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Thanks to our perfectly fine-tuned Sail Engineering, including the staggered seams and new fabrics weight, the new BULLIT V.2 offers impressive efficiency, stability, and performances.

The BULLIT V.2 will provide the confidence you need for the most committed loops. It rotates lower in the window and pulls you horizontally, bringing thrilling sensations. It turns and rises incredibly fast to catch you again in time and to provide a soft landing.

The ultra-precise and fairly firm bar feel, without being too heavy or hard, is reassuring during all your maneuvers. The kite reacts quickly and without downtime thanks to the direct and constant steering response, and you feel confident and ready to load your kite to take off.

Commitment is the BULLIT V.2’s key word. It is simply the perfect kite that will make you send it with sizes adapted to all sorts of loops and huge airs.

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