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Inside Ozone's Factory


Join Ruben Lenten on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Ozone's own factory in Vietnam.

Parapex is Ozone's exclusive factory, where all of the foil kites, tube kites, wings, twin-tips, hydrofoils, foil boards, paragliders, paramotor wings, speed wings and accessories are made, as well as the ever impressive wingsuits designed by Squirrel.

The gear that's rolled out of Parapex since 2000 has helped pilots and riders set records, win world titles, reach new heights, venture further into the unknown and allows all of us to enjoy truly sensational experiences in nature.

Find out about the scale of the operation, the evolution, processes, working conditions, tech, custom designs and artistry that goes into every product!  
"I've never seen so much material, man. I never knew this goes into making a paraglider or foil kite!" 
Premiering now: 16:00GMT / 18:00CET / 12:00EST 


Raphaël Salles talks through the F-ONE kite range


our mission is to provide our customers with the most intuitive ride. Through Sail Engineering, each kite of our range was carefully thought-out, so every rider only has to focus on enjoying the moment while the kite behaves exactly how we designed it to.

F-ONE founder and CEO Raphaël Salles now tells you all you need to know about the entire kite collection, from the R&D and testing process to some of our latest developments, before diving into each each kite of the range.



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« We wanted to go beyond the typical comeback after an injury video and explore the deeper emotions behind our addiction to kiteboarding, wing foiling, and freestyle. Shot in the breathtaking backdrop of Greece during European summer, we've worked with a French singer to create a speech/song that captures what we feel in those exhilarating moments on the water.

We hope that everyone who watches this video will feel what we feel, and be with us in the present moment. »

Directed: by Arthur Samzun / Zoumprod Athlete: Val Garat Video: Arthur Samzun Edit: Arthur Samzun Location: France Produced by: Duotone Kiteboarding France Music Bed License: MB010YHBCX5NTJF


Slingshot Code V1



This week we're sharing video stories from our athletes on why the Code has become their favorite and what sets its performance apart from the rest. Embodying the Code’s “for all riders of all abilities all the time” we got in touch with a diverse group of our athletes. From Reed Brady deploying the Code at his kiteboarding school in Oregon to Kimo Verkerk using the Code for big-air competitions to Fred Hope flying the Code outside of his foil world, each rider details why the Code is our best all-around kite and their go-to for all things kiteboarding. 



The Code is built on a three-strut platform. It has an amazing range, and great sheet-and-go performance while still maintaining an incredible bar feel. The responsive wingtip design creates effortless water relaunch for all riders.  

Sizes: 4M - 14M


The new F-One BREEZE V4 is out!

The new BREEZE remains the most user-friendly one-strut kite on the marketwith astounding light wind abilities matched with a complete ease of use and effortless control. This fourth version benefits from F-ONE’s extensive Sail Engineering work, using new fabrics and staggered seams for incredible performances and durability.
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