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F-One Compact Wing Concept

Compact Wing Concept

F - O N E   N E W   P A T E N T   P E N D I N G 

Light wind riding is one of the wingfoil’s challenges
as we want to offer power and performances in the lightest conditions.
We needed to rise to the challenge, understand the sport and its specificities
in order to offer the appropriate response to the rider’s needs.

F-ONE presents its patent pending 
Compact Wing Concept and its Triple Strut design.


What is the CWC ?


Nearly two years after the release of our first Swing we have found the ultimate way to add surface to the wing without compromising lightness and performances.

The new 
Compact Wing Concept allows adding more surface into a given wingspan. 
We have added 2 struts to the existing one offering the most compact shape on the market for the bigger sizes.


The two extra struts increase the wing’s surface without increasing the leading edge’s length. The trailing edge is completely controlled offering a lot of rigidity in the canopy and a reduced aspect ratio.

As we have been able to keep the 5m’s span, we have been able to keep the same leading edge’s diameter and offer thinner wingtips for less weight and more maneuverability.


What's new ?


Compact wing concept

The patent pending Compact Wing Concept is a F-ONE innovation.
This new design offer a compact shape easy to handle and offer amazing
light wind riding sensations without compromises.


Triple Strut

This unique wing geometry with its two additional struts allow adding more surface into a given wingspan.



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The De Havilland Beaver Episode I

Join Tom Hebert, Reno Romeu and Shayne McAuley on this truly spectacular adventure through the Canadian Chitcolin range onboard the Havilland Beaver float plane discovering unridden kitesurfing locations deep in the wilderness!

This is an epic kiteboarding adventure as Reno, Tom and Shayne start to explore the unexplored and put their Duotone kite equipments through its paces. Kiting is a sport that can push you to your limits, whether that is on the water or push you to travel and explore new kite destinations.
Finding your own adventures wherever they are to be found!! If you have any questions about the video, ask in the comments bellow.

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f you are still wondering whether you should start kitefoiling then watch this video. Antoine Auriol goes through the main advantages of this amazing discipline. Is kitefoiling dangerous? Absolutely not, kitefoiling is fun and the gear offers the purest glide feeling.


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