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Summer Fun 2021

Summer in Holland equals low wind periods. Back to airstyle, landing some new stylish tricks.

Jumped into a palmtree KEVVLOG⁵ #12


North Next Gen | Jesse Richman & Markey Franco

Watch Marley's first session riding boots, coached by Jesse at Kite Beach and check out Marley's Next Gen team rider profile here: Next Gen rider Marley Franco, was handpicked by 2020 King of the Air Winner Jesse Richman, who describes Marley as the coolest, most hard-core shredder he's ever met.


How to: Jibe kitesurfing

This week in our strapless kiteboarding series we are covering how to jibe. Jibing is your basic downwind turn and it can be entered either on your heal-side or toe-side edge. This will likely be your first and easiest transition on a surfboard with our without straps and also the foundation for wave riding as linking your turns on a wave with a kite is similar to doing a series of jibes as you ride down the line.

We will cover the basics of how to jibe in flat water to help you build a confident foundation to take out into the waves and more challenging riding locations.

GreeceStyle - World Of Whaley Episode #16

Back to Greece again! This time there was one goal in mind and that was get back to the level that I was at last year. I spent 10 days following the wind riding in various different spots and I had an amazing time! Thank you Greece :) Filmed by: CJP PHOTOGRAPHY Edited by: Liam Whaley Sponsors: F-One, Manera