last week I went for a trip together with Leo (cameraman). First we went to pecem with is very close to combuco. Over there we didn't have luck with the wind.
The day after we decided to film in taiba 1st on the see and then on the lagoon over there. We have got a lot of good footage on tad day to put in a video
this week we didn't have a good wind to shoot again so we are waiting now to have the last spots on video.
So as soon tad we have all footage and we did the editing of my movie you guys whill be the first to see it!!!!


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Len10 video
A session at my homespot!! The MOVIE...
19-3-2007, Noordwijk, the Netherlands
I’ve been back in Holland for more than a week now, weather has been ok...Not too cold, but yesterday a storm came through...Some big winds, 40+ knots and pretty gusty and freezing cold!
I called up DAVE from and he came down to shoot some footage, which was quite hard because sand was flying everywhere!

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