I have been kiteboarding for over 17 years and I have been involved in R&D for a long time. I really enjoy getting the most out of my riding by constantly improving the gear to the max. My aim is always to make a board that feels and reacts exactly the way I like. A couple of years ago I saw Lieuwe boards pop up on the scene and more and more riders where riding them. All these dope wooden boards everywhere I knew that I wanted to know more about them. Visiting the Lieuwe HQ in the Netherlands I got to meet the boys and was immediately blown away by their attitude, dedication and passion. Florian loves mechanical engineering and even builds his machines by hand. With this true craftsmanship and big passion for kiteboarding I knew we were onto something special and we started our journey to create my new kiteboard. My style is always pretty aggressive and powerful and therefor I like a board that is: Fast - we made sure that this rocker gets enough speed into your jumps. We’ve also created a nice bottom shape with a great combination of channels and concave to have grip in the right places. The channels and concave are also contributing to the stiffness of the board along with the thickness of the wood. Whilst keeping the board still light and super strong. I’ve always preferred wide tips and A-symmetrical fins for great powerful takeoffs and controlled landings. The best things about this project is that we partnered up with Sustainable Surf whom helped us create the world’s first gold level ECOBOARD. By choosing wood from a sustainable source, using greener resin and really reduce, reuse and recycle our production waste. As we all need and love our oceans it’s great to help support Sustainable Surf to create more awareness and realisation around the world to protect our oceans. I truly hope that more companies will really make an effort to bring change into their production cycles to produce more eco-friendly products. https://len10.com/board