The Ozone Reo V7 out now in 2 models!

Reo V7 & V7 Ultra-X
Two new Reos launched today - the V7 and the V7 Ultra-X! 

 Two years after the V6 launched, now tuned more tightly than ever, the Reo V7 is a pure fire mix of speed, power control, drift and rapid relaunch, delivering thrilling sessions every time you hit the water. Any wave, anywhere; this is your go-to surf performance kite. 

Designed for good intermediates and beyond, the V7 is faster, smoother and has a bigger range with the transverse sail shaping design resulting in a cleaner aerofoil and tighter canopy for increased performance.

For radical shredding in serious situations, the Reo V7 Ultra-X is ultra-light, ultra-quick, ultra-responsive and ultra-reliable. Experience the closest to pure surfing freedom you could imagine while riding with a kite.

Applying new, but proven lightweight and stiff performance materials, tested across a three year period, has led to the next evolution in the Reo's stunning legacy.