F-One 2024 TWIN TIP boards

F-ONE has long been synonymous with innovation in the world of water sports, and our twin tips are no exception. Crafted with precision and a deep understanding of riders’ needs, each twin tip offers a harmonious blend of classic designs and trailblazing technologies for exceptional performances.

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Our board’s constructions guarantee outstanding durability and strength. Our technologies such as the revolutionary Helical Rail Design (HRD) endure over time, while our designs have become timeless, passing through trends and fads thanks to the expertise of our R&D team. Our twin tips will always deliver the same amount of fun, sensations, and performance as the years go on.


For 2024, the WTF ?! and TRAX HRD CARBON got a makeover. We have also added a 139 x 43 model to the TRAX HRD CARBON’s range.


127 x 37 – 130 x 38 – 136 x 41.5 – 138 x 42 – 140 x 42.5

Big Air / Freestyle / Freeride
135 x 39 – 136 x 40.5 – 137 x 42 – 139 x 43 – 140 × 45