Bow kites do everything better !

Image30th of June 2007 was a special day for the kitesurfing world:
Less than two years after the introduction of the Bow kite concept on the market, a EH Ripper. WON the Cabarete PKRA Men event, a Cabrinha Switchblade made 4th while a Best Waroo WON the Women Freestyle even and a Cabrinha SB WON the Women Board Off contest.
So three of the four titles went to flat kites.

It's also the first time in the PKRA history that an unknown rider wins an event.

We at Diamond White are glad to congratulate dominicans ARIEL CORNIEL, ALEX SOTO and german SUSI MAY.
Congratulations to designers Pat Goodman from Cabrinha and Eric Hertsens from EH Cabarete for designing these great kites.
Both companies are Diamond White patents' licensees.

The ultimate argument used by the C-kite addicts was that Bow kites are not as good as C-kites for hardcore freestyle and they often refered to the pro-riders that don't use Bow kites in comps.
On our side we announced one year and half ago that the Bow would soon excel even in free-style.
It is now clear with the new high aspect ratio generation of Bow kites as the EH Ripper. Eventually we had to wait that a new generation of riders use Bow kites in comps, because the free-stylers that are used to C-kites can't easily transfer their skills using Bow kites.

Whatever their talent is, and we know it's huge, it was noticeable to the experienced spectators that the Bow riders spent less time going upwind, so had more time for their tricks.
Moreover they were well powered at any time during their heats while the other riders were sometimes slightly over or under powered.

Now Bow kites do everything better !