Slingshot REV

SLingshots new 2008 SLE :

The S2AS Team have just got back from Testing the new Kites from Slingshot inc the new SLINGSHOT REV, we tried it in light winds on day 1 and the following day in a good 20 knots no hype from us just pure honesty!!

This kite will blow your mind away. It is super stable, fast, and very forgiving.

The safety system is unreal... you can release the chicken loop on a full release so the bar goes up the centre line and STILL re-launch the kite with no Line tangles at all!! Every time.

Jumping blah blah blah every brand says "it jumps higher than last years kite"

All I will say it JUMPS MASSIVE!!

I ride 2007 Fuels.... now they are up for sale!!! I have just got myself two Rev's

Angelo (S2AS Team rider)

The new slingshot REV is the the answer for evey kiter loooking for preformance, requirements of a traditional C Shape kite but more depower and a range of a dedicated BOW kite.

The REV is a 4 line Hybrid kite that has a unique compact bridle and comes complete with the NEW Direct drive control Bar.

The New Direct Drive control bar eliminates the use of pulleys on the bar and features the new centre saftey system. which Brings 100% depower saftey and convenience below the bar.

So weather you are the likes of Ben Wilson Smacking the waves all day long in the surf or a flat water freerider looking for a Fuel-Like feel with Depower Look no further than the Slingshot REV!!!


1.Increased overall range: Great low end in light winds yet super stable in high winds
2. Easy relaunch suitble even for a novice rider
3. Slingshot patented one Pump System, the industrys original, proven and patented single point inflation system
4. NEW Centre saftey system 100% depower and saftey and convnience below the bar
5. Light bar pressure reduces elbow fatigue
6. Dedicated bow Depower / C kite preformance and feel
7. NEW Direct Drive control Bar: Direct Feel, speed and Responsiveness
8. Compact Bridle in flight stability and eliminates risk of tangles
9. Ride Un-Hooked with Full depower: most useful for wave riding
10. Fuel like pull and Grunt
11. Massive Boost, Jump Higher and float longer than ever before
12. Slingshot legendary Construction: BOMBER QUALITY
13. Lifetime Rider Hotline Support Membership