HOW TO: Snowkite frontloop with kite downloop (+indy grab)

ABoards Kiteboarding and Ozone Kites snowkite rider Thomas Ligonnet provides step by step instruction for front loop indy grab with a kite down loop.Gear: ABoards Snow+kite board 158cm, kite Ozone Manta 12m2.First few tips from Tom:-It's a 2 tricks combo, first make sure you know how to do each one separated, a front loop & and a down loop.-Like on any kite loops, height is your friend-Smaller kites loop faster, it can be an advantage-Try this on a spot with nice fresh snow, landing hard on ice sucks, a softer winds-Wear an helmet, please...Starting from the right side of the photo sequence:-Rider No 1-2: I start my take-off using the down hill to get speed and a nice takeoff. At the same time i send my kite back so it can give me a good lift.-Rider No 3 to 5: As i am getting in the air i throw my left shoulder down, spin my head and shoulders to my right, that will get you front loop started, i start pulling softly on my left hand to keep the kite loaded with forward lift and power.-Rider No 6 to 8: As i continue spinning i throw my legs up and reach for the grab with my right hand in-between my feet. My left hand keep on pulling softly on the kite.-Rider No 9: I am at the apex of the jump (nice and height). And i could have more style to it buy giving a nice "poke" with my front leg, but time is flying by too so i have to think about the the down loop.-Rider No 10 to 12: As i leave the apex of the jump and start coming down my right hand reach back to the bar next to my left one to pull has hard has possible on the left side of the bar to make the kite down loop as fast as possible. In this case the kite is a 12m, with a smaller kite you don't need to pull that hard.I spot my landing has soon has possible.-Rider No 13 to 14: If the kite had time to loop it should be on his way up to give you an extra lift for a soft landing but if not, prepare your legs for a harder landing pointing your board straight down wind. Land the board nice and flat on the snow absorb impact with your legs and ride away with a nice smile on your face, you made it!