Learn the Double Backroll - Kiteboarding Technique

The kitesurfing double backroll is an accessible and rewarding trick if you can already do a single backroll and perform jumps with control. The first kitesurfing trick that most kiters learn is the backroll as it is a very natural rotation from the take-off.
It is not uncommon to over rotate your early backroll attempts, spinning you into a second backroll as you lose control.
There is however a method to the madness that makes this trick more do-able and a great addition to your trick arsenal.

Where the double backroll initially differs from the single backroll is in the take-off. The take-off for a single backroll is more of a pop, whereas for the double backroll you need to send the kite up to gain some height and make the second rotation possible.

For this reason a big factor for success is good kite control. READ THE FULL TECHNIQUE FEATURE HERE: https://magazine.kiteworldmag.com/iss...