Nieuwe online is in 2006 ontstaan, het is een online Nederlands Kitesurfmagazine, geschreven door kiters, voor kiters.

In dit informatieve magazine vindt u intressante tests, eventreports, interviews en aanverwante artikelen.

In het januari nummer staat naast 2 interviews en een eventreport van de Westland Cup, plus een uitgebreid snowkite artikel.

Surf Straps Predator

Predator Surf Straps have been designed out of necessity to surf waves better. Tow-in surfers, kiteboarders, windsurfers, skimboarders and landboarders, will be able to use more of the surface area of the board to control their speed and maneuverability, rather than being strapped into one position.


The Kiteboarder Mag online

Fresh off the press, The Kiteboarder's first edition for 2007 just started mailing last week. Our cover and main feature is of Felix Pivec, one of the 'last man standing' of the original Maui Crew.

Launch introduces you to the people behind The Best Odyssey, the world's first kiteboarding expedition. Gavin McClurg and Jody MacDonald share their vision and the places they will visiting in year one.

One of kiteboarding most controversial and outspoken pros, Felix Pivec holds nothing back in this in-depth interview.

Backwoods tells you everything you need to know about snowkitng 'the best snow on earth' in Skyline, Utah.


Slingshot Turbo Diesel 2

Info on the new Slingshot TD2, more range, more stability and less bar pressure.

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Radical Waveboard

Nieuwe Radical directional surfboard, afmetingen: 152x.42

De constructie is volgens een nieuwe methode die Radical ontwikkeld heeft, binnenkort zal ik er eentje kunnen testen.

Meer info hier...

F-One Revolt


In shops from spring 2009, the new Delta-C shape.








Nobile Shinn Kite

Shinn Kite 09
Some photos of Mark Shinn and his new Nobile N62 Shinn, in Tenerife.
People that already saw the kite said that it’s is a bit similar to the new Wainmann Hawaii.

3 struts , Delta C

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