Slingshot Turbo Diesel 2

Info on the new Slingshot TD2, more range, more stability and less bar pressure.

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Radical Waveboard

Nieuwe Radical directional surfboard, afmetingen: 152x.42

De constructie is volgens een nieuwe methode die Radical ontwikkeld heeft, binnenkort zal ik er eentje kunnen testen.

Meer info hier...

F-One Revolt


In shops from spring 2009, the new Delta-C shape.








Nobile Shinn Kite

Shinn Kite 09
Some photos of Mark Shinn and his new Nobile N62 Shinn, in Tenerife.
People that already saw the kite said that it’s is a bit similar to the new Wainmann Hawaii.

3 struts , Delta C

Blade 2009 website

Blade 2009

The all new 2009 website from Blade Kiteboarding is now online:






Globe Kites 2009 website

image News
Globe 2009
Hi Guys,

We have a new sort of website. It's a community site, kind of like a 'Myspace' for kiters.

You can add video or pics, or comments, and do instant chat with the designer. Also get designer insight as to how things are designed.

Check out the really smart new bar system.



Kite Spain Mag

Kite Spain
There is a new spanish online magazine. Their first issue was published today.
Click on the photo to watch it.
Good work guys!!

View it here....

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