Tobias on the TD2

TD2 action
Been super busy down under. I just got the first batch of shots in. You can check em out on my google photo album. I dont really have time to post em anywhere else. We are on a demo mission from the Sunny coast to SYD! The reviews that we have got on this kite are amazine! Super stoked to get great feedback from people on their first try. I will have some more shots of our last freestyle session soon check back. But when there iare waves.......i cant do freestyle! Had a killer freestyle session yesterday when the waves died down. Check back for those shots!

Later, Tobias

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Home made BOW

Home made
Hi all,

for lack of a better name I will call it fishtank (for the "transparent" panels)

some info:
material: ocean 455 dacron LE and ribs canopy AIRX900 and 600 combination.
design: bow kite with 6 ribs, 6 straight, with profile to canopy.
for the canopy 3M provided me with some tape that will not require stitching, will test other tapes for dacron parts in future kite.

I still need 2 strut bladders to finish kite, then I can test.
just hoping it will fly at least half as well as it looks!

thanks to:
GIGI ( for advice on the design
Bart and friends ( for plotting the plans straight to fabric
Bruno legainoux ( for giving me permission to build myself a bow-kite
and 3M for giving me a role of tape to test
and especially my gilrfriend who had to put up with all the building frenzy (I love you)

Greets Aram

more pictures can be found here:

RSC 2007 website online

De Franse shaper RSC heeft zijn nieuwe website online, de 2007 surfs zien er niet slecht uit.

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Kiteloose 2007 website online

Loose 07
De nieuwe website met alle 2007 nieuwigheden staat online.

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Ozone Instinct 07 pic's

Instincts 07
Overzicht van de nieuwe Instinct reeks kites, heel wat detail foto's.

Ziet er allemaal zeer degelijk uit.

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Jeff Tobias over de TD2


Pro Rider Jeff Tobias has been more or less off the radar screen since we last saw him in the DVD Spare Change but has been busy behind the scenes perfecting Slingshot's 2nd generation bow, the Turbo2. One of the original Maui crew, Jeff joins this week to talk about Slingshot's new R&D house in Western Oz and what did and didn't go into the final design of the T2, which just started shipping to dealers around the country.

Got a question for Jeff? Ask him you questions and get answered Real Time during LIVE podcast this Thursday evening.

When: Thursday, January 18, 2007
Time: 6p PST, 8p Central, 9p EST

Sander Lenten 07 website

A new year, a fresh start and ofcourse thanks to a super nice new website. is officially in the air.

Canrinha Omega

Cabrinha will release the Omega and provides us with more details. The Omega will be available in march / april.
« It is not a Bow kite but a 100% depower with a bridle similar to a Bow kite. The change with the last year Switchblade is the fall that is strait.
This kite can be converted either with or without pulley.
Construction : reinforced kite on the sensitive points. High quality textiles.
Ranking : ultra versatile: freeride, wave, freestyle.
Exists in 5 sizes : 5, 7, 9, 12 et 15m².
The price : 1260€ for a 1 12m² »

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