Lf Snowkite

A couple months ago we showed you some photos of the 2010 Liquid Force Kite Snowboard. Finally the oficial information about it had been released.

2010 Liquid Force Snowkite board

Liquid Force For the past few years Canadian custom snowboard maker Sheldon DeCosse has used his skills and custom manufacturing facilities to design and produce the ultimate snow kiteboard. Working with top athletes from all over the world, specifically with the top names in Norway, Sheldon has been able to design a board that serves the specific needs of progressive snowkiters, while also making the board fun to ride downhill. Up until this point, a DeCosse custom kite snowboard has only been available via a personal order with Sheldon in Canada.

Liquid Force Alliance 159

With the Alliance Snowboard program Liquid Force has teamed up our manufacturing facilities and worldwide distribution network with Sheldon’s superior shapes and technology to make the LF/DeCosse Alliance kite snowboards available to anyone worldwide at your local Liquid Force retailer!

To know everything about the Liquid Force Kite Snowboard visit lfsnow.com