The Snowkite Soldier event in Fairfield, Idaho provides access to some of the best snowkiting in North America.

The terrain in Fairfield has it all, from rolling hills to huge cliff drops and extreme avalanche slopes, there is something for everyone.

Skyline, Utah was amazing. Lots of great people came out and the weather produced nice wind and snow every day.

This is a littel series with tips for snowkiting that will help snowkiter to have a great time. This episode is on how to get ready for a good snowkite session, whitch kites to use, witch board, clothing...



Tom Court heeft een movie gemaakt vanuit Australië waar nu de CORE JAM SLIDER CONTEST plaats vindt. Tom moest helaas opgeven omdat hij z'n vinger heeft gebroken door een leash die rond z'n vinger verstrikt was geraakt. 

Lennart en Yuska tonen wat ze kunnen in de sneeuw


Carolina Orenheim (19) from Norway riding her ABoards Kiteboarding freestyle twintip snowkiteboard has put out great performance in two recent major snowkite events – Snowkite World Championships 2010 on the Reschensee (it. Lago di Resia)/Italy form 29th – 31st  January and  famous Snow Kite Masters 2010 event that took place in the spectacular Serre Chevalier Valee in France from 9th-17th  January.

Carolina Orenheim has become the  champion of SKM 2010 in World women snowboards  freestyle and scored 2nd place in the World Championships. ABoards team sincerely congratulates her with the achievement and wishes the best luck and results in future!

A smooth session on the northern area of the ETNA volcano here in Sicilia. Kari & Chasta snowkiting a cool flat spot with some fresh snow.

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