The kitesurfing double backroll is an accessible and rewarding trick if you can already do a single backroll and perform jumps with control. The first kitesurfing trick that most kiters learn is the backroll as it is a very natural rotation from the take-off.
It is not uncommon to over rotate your early backroll attempts, spinning you into a second backroll as you lose control.
There is however a method to the madness that makes this trick more do-able and a great addition to your trick arsenal.

Where the double backroll initially differs from the single backroll is in the take-off. The take-off for a single backroll is more of a pop, whereas for the double backroll you need to send the kite up to gain some height and make the second rotation possible.

For this reason a big factor for success is good kite control. READ THE FULL TECHNIQUE FEATURE HERE:


This week in our strapless kiteboarding series we are covering how to jibe. Jibing is your basic downwind turn and it can be entered either on your heal-side or toe-side edge. This will likely be your first and easiest transition on a surfboard with our without straps and also the foundation for wave riding as linking your turns on a wave with a kite is similar to doing a series of jibes as you ride down the line.

We will cover the basics of how to jibe in flat water to help you build a confident foundation to take out into the waves and more challenging riding locations.

How to Kiteloop Late Back Roll! Get High with Mike. The late back roll is SUCH a scary trick, but it's more scary than it is difficult. I have so many friends who are ready to go for it, but they're like, "You want me to loop and then WHAT? Rotate?! Bruh, are you high?"
So in this video I'm giving you all the info I can to prepare you and give you the confidence you need to go for this trick.
Work on those foundational skills. Get those kiteloops consistent and get comfortable with rotations at height.

Once you've got the prep work done, get out there, nail that late back and once you've done it, send us the evidence.

There are numerous skills the will help you kite in less wind. This guide explains these light wind kiteboarding skills in detail.

It coves getting the most power from the kite, how to use your board efficiently, how to avoid stalling or slowing you kite, how to avoid your kite dropping and much more.

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