The Blade Prime laughs in the face of the bow and hybrid revolution and is for all those freestyle enthusiasts devoted to the C kite. With power as a priority for the Blade design team, the Prime provides smooth pull throughout each manoeuvre.

The kite loops provide a constant pull throughout the entire turn and, after a move, the kite waits without drifitng backwards in the window, giving you time to regroup before moving on. Overall, the Prime displays characteristics admired by C kite lovers with a little user-friendly touch.

The quick and direct turns, optimal bar pressure and direct response rate are all aspects that will help you improve your freestyle riding. Even though it won't master the techniques for you, the Prime will take you 90% of the way, giving you 100% of the firepower you need.

SIZES: 11, 9 and 7m

Blade's nieuwe C kite




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Kitespain N2, the international spanish kiteboarding magazine, is now online. You can read it online or download it in pdf.

Many international riders, stores, brands and associations have cooperated with us in this second issue. Many thanks to you all for your cooperation!



In this second issue you’ll find:

- Interviews to Marin Vari, Jesse Richman, Lewis Willby… - Trip Martinique with Linn Svendsen and Jeremie Tronet. - Naish Training House Report. - 09 Products review - And… A lot more!

Hi Guys,

Here are a few pics from Friday 2nd Feb at Outer Kom.

All photo's courtesy of Jason Furness FLEXIFOIL.

Riders on the day were, Ralf B, Phillip Marchand, Allan "English" Cox,
Wolfgang Smatz, Jason Furness, Roland (Scotland?), Tilo, Gary V Rooyen
and Peter P.

Wind was rock steady 15-18knots increasing toward the end. It's all a
bit rocky down there and waves were pretty sizey at times,
8ft-10(maybe 5m+ faces) and very clean. Only Wolfgang shipwrecked, but
he was picked out by some tow-surfers on a jet-ski – thanks guys!

In terms of performance all riders were erring on the side of caution
so no groundbreaking performances out there. But Outers doesn't work
that often so we were all grateful to catch it on this day – may we
have many more…...

More here....

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