Epic Kiteboarding announced a new kiteboarding app game for iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


This game features 20 real world class kitesurfing locations, including:

- Cabarete, Dominican Republic - Chicago, Illinois - Camber Sands, England - Pattaya, Thailand - Paracura, Brazil - Cairo, Egypt - Ishigaki, Japan - Cape Town, South Africa - Isle of Capri, Italy - Auckland, New Zealand - Avellanas, Costa Rica - San Fransisco, California - Key West, Florida - Hood River, Oregon - Monte Carlo, Monaco - Nuuk, Greenland - Hatteras, North Carolina - Perth, Australia - Teahupoo, Tahiti - Maui, Hawaii

More levels and moves will come with each update!

Kiteboard features:

* High resolution OpenGL 3D graphics * MP3 music player controls – play your own songs while you ride! * Full kiteboard and kitesurf training levels * Many different kiteboard jump moves and combinations * Hidden features and missions! * Multiple different kite designs

You can get the app for $1.99 at http://itunes.apple.com/app/kiteboard-the-ultimate-kitesurfing/id334143725


The swell around the world has been pumping and we have footage from secret offshore reefs, Mauritius and good old England too.

Add in an interview with the very likeable new World Champion Youri Zoon, plus our 2012 testing schedule kicks off with 4 very important kites for next year. You also have Holly Kennedy and Christian and Karine with the technique.

Plenty of videos and lots more inside to keep you entertained, be sure to check it out.

North News:Great news: North introduces the book TRUE - ten years of true kiteboarding!

This book is about the history of kiteboarding and kitesurfing and about the development of North Kiteboarding over the last 10 years!The book tells the story about how it all began, the milestones along the way, the innovations we brought forth, the changes in kite and board designs.

It provides entertaining and captivating insights about the International Team, epic spot descriptions and impressive photos shot over the last decade and a lot more.It is a must have for every kite enthusiast!! The book will have 304 pages with hard cover and a book marker consisting of a piece of th 5th line.

See a preview here:http://www.northkites.com/public/content/news/true_book/index_eng.html



Kitespain Magazine...your kite mag!KITESPAIN MAGAZINE launches the 15th issue which you can see NOW ONLINE inSPANISH in http://www.kitespain.com/.


In this 15th issue you will find:
- Exclusive Interview with Lou Wainman!
- Behind the scenes of the PKRA with Julian Hosp.
- Team Real Watersports
– Brandon Sheid & Craig Cunningham.
- 100% Waveriders Ep.I
– Guilly Brandao, Mitu Monteiro & Cameron Dietrich.
- Miss Kitespain Magazine 2011
– Kristal Hammond
- How to…? with Alberto Rondina.
- Jade by Coco
– Custom Boards 2011.
- Trip Bahamas by Clire Lutz.
- All about…Angela Peral.
- And...much more!

Visit our website http://www.kitespain.com/ and DOWNLOAD IT right now!wImage

The February 2011 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine features:

*TRAVEL: Banana Hammocks and Caipirinhas in Brazil

*BACKWOODS: A up close look at St. Martin

*On the Road and On the Loose with Hadlow and Lenten

*INSTRUCTIONAL: What you need to KNOW about SNOW

*Oli Berlic and Karolina Winkowska Profiled

*Launch: Kiteboarding in a ditch at 64 mph

View online here...

KITESPAIN MAGAZINE launches the 11th issue which you can see ONLINE and inSpanish in http://www.kitespain.com. FREE DOWNLOAD in PDF format. 191pages of the best content. You can’t miss it!We also announce the launching of the new multimedia platform, allowing toread the magazine in a quicker way and with a different design.
Inaddition, in this issue you will find new videos to best enjoy KITESPAINMAGAZINE. A high resolution screen, more than 1280x800pix, is recommendedfor a perfect vision of the magazine in FULL SCREEN.

In this 11th issue you will find:

- Exclusive interview to Roberto Ricci, RRD brand’s owner.
- Bandit IV2011 in-depth, by Raphael Salles.
- PKRA Tenerife 2010.
- SUP by Sergio Perera, Spain Champion 2010.
- Techniques by Julian Hosp.
- Exclusive interview to Kristin Boese.
- Patrick Blanc, Junior Spain Champion 2010.
- and much more!

KITESPAIN MAGAZINE is launching the 10th issue already available ONLINEand in Spanish in www.kitespain.com and FREE DOWNLOAD it in PDFformat. 160 pages of the best content.

It’s a must! Likewise, KITESPAIN MAGAZINE announces the launching of its new website: www.kitespain.com. Facebook or Twiter, filling in… and much more!Access right now and register. You will get our updates for free andimmediately.

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