North Kites along with John Messenger came to Long Reef on Wednesday last week and blew my mind. Wind was going 30-38 knots, the surf was head high and a half whitewater and there was a longshore current along the beach about 12 knots. Despite all that, these guys were going off, pulling some incredible moves that I never thought possible. Watched Jaime pull AND LAND a full backflip! (Photos 7, 8 and 9) RIDING A STRAPLESS SURFBOARD! How is that possible? Amazing stuff.

View the action Here....

The latest issue of IKSURFMAG has hit the net hard and fast, over 5000 readers checked it out in the first week alone! The magazine continues to be at the forefront of this new online medium. IKSURFMAG is a free flash magazine packed with loads of videos, pictures and words. With heaps of tests, technique, interviews with people who matter and travel articles that actually tell you about the place not just the people who went there.

It is totally free to read and all the back issues are kept online too. So if you haven’t seen it yet there are over 350 pages of the best online kite magazine in the world just waiting for you!

In this issue we catch up with Ben Meyer from Naish over in Brazil and Hawaii, we hook up with Cameron Dietrich who has been ripping it up strapless of late and also give you the definitive guide on going to Brazil. Add to that all the latest kites and boards tested by real riders with real opinions plus the awesome video technique section featuring basic jumps, air gybes and Lenten style back loop kiteloops and you have a winning formula!

Met deze uitgave o.a:
Tussendoortje: Cees van Oosterum
Interview: Bram Bast
15 vragen: Johnno en Todd
Column: Odette de Munnik
Eventverslag: KBO 2007
Update: NKV

En nog veel meer, dus ga snel naar  en lees die nieuwe Kitemag snel online.

Tevens zijn we nog op zoek naar iemand die voor ons een Flash-book kan maken. En iemand die gespecialiseerd is in het opmaken van PDF´s
Ook zijn we op zoek naar iemand die ons maandelijks leuke artikeltjes kan leveren. Helaas hebben we afscheid moeten nemen van Nicole Kuijper die vertrekt naar Zuid-Afrika.

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