Robby Naish kitesurfing the waves on Maui's North and South Shores.

2020 A year like no others. Luckily we are passionate about the ocean, which means that even when stuck at home not being able to ride, we always have something to look forward to. Libeccio is about freedom, rediscovering traveling and being together. In those troubled days we hope for more riding days to enjoy the ocean no matter the conditions. _ Riders - Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Mitu Monteiro, Marcela Witt, Paul Serin, Mickaël Fernandez, Raphaël Salles & Julien Salles. _ Edit - Petole Prod

With Covid19 getting worse in Europe and the government starting to implement restrictions again, It was time to travel to Brazil and see If things were better over there. SPONSORS: @F -ONE MANERA

The Lockdown and Stay at Home rule was imposed all over the world because of the CORONAVIRUS "COVID-19". But some people like this Pro kiteboarder and owner of EPICKITES could not handle the pressure after 2 weeks at home. Music: LarsM - Lovers

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