Follow Christophe Tack and Helena Brochocka as they give us a sneak peek into their daily life in Portugal. See their local kite spot and watch them throw down.
They both ride the Torch + Stomp combo - tune in to see why they love it.

Stefan almost quit competing, but then he didn't.

He enrolled in a university instead. We spent two days with him early this year to find out more.

The future, the past, his childhood dreams and more recent love-hate relationship with his winter home base (Tarifa). Presented by Duotone Kiteboarding. With footage from Stefan's archives. Filmed & edited by Noe Font. Copyright KNOT FUTURE 2020.

Liam is back in Cape Town once again to compete at the Red Bull King Of The Air for his 3rd consecutive year. After making every place on the podium except for 1st in previous years, there is nothing that he wants more than to win.


This is my frist session of the year back home. It might be grey, cold and rainy but I still love these sessions the most.

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