f you are still wondering whether you should start kitefoiling then watch this video. Antoine Auriol goes through the main advantages of this amazing discipline. Is kitefoiling dangerous? Absolutely not, kitefoiling is fun and the gear offers the purest glide feeling.


The gear today is very accessible for all riders. Check out our collection https://www.f-one.world/foil/kite-foil/

In this episode we will explore one the most beautiful places on earth!! Olivia Jenkins, Jeremie Tronet, Stefan Spiessberger and I will go to Tobago Cays, an archipelago of five islands in St. Vincent and The Grenadines where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean.

This is the most beautiful place in the world! Tobago Cays is about 15 miles away from JT Pro Center in Union Island.
The perfect place if you want to enjoy your holidays in the most tropical and paradisiacal in the world.

his video is about a normal day at work at the EPICKITES office. In this video pro Kitesurfer and owner of EPICKITES, Dimitri Maramenides gives you a quick sneak of his usual day at work before going in the water to test some of the EPICKITES products.

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