Rip in Mauritius

ImagePromo film over Mauritius

Knappe beelden, knappe spots...

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Sam Bell Coke Kiteboarding Commercial


A 1200km Downwinder

Hi everyone,

This is one hell of a story…true adventure with a ton of spirit and balls thrown in to. Olivier and Eric just completed a 1200km downwinder on their own, just taking the minimum they needed in a waterproof backpack and completed what we call in paragliding a bivouac adventure. Olivier is Ozone paragliding’s pro photographer capturing the essence of what Ozone is all about on his many travels. He has now discovered Kitesurfing and what a hell of a way to learn….makes complete sense….a 1200km to get the hang of it !!!!!!

Congratulations Olivier and Eric, looking forward to seeing the movie of this incredible adventure

Certainly puts a whole new perspective on freeriding…..

Cheers Matt
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Ozone Edge 08 preview

Ozone Edge 08
Here a pic posted in one of the Spanish forums
It is from a Edge 08 ..... as you can see the wing tips are now more rounded up, also the 5th line bridle has 2 more attachments and the struts have a type of pencil thin diameter .

Looking into the front line attachments it looks like the CG is the same as the 07 kites = light bar pressure = short de-power throw .

One pump on all 08 models.  New bar and new safety.

We hope to have the release info soon with pictures and techsheet.

On board cam

Op hebben ze heel wat info en beelden staan van kiteboard actie met een onboard cam.

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Slingshot Turbo 3

The Slingshot TURBO 3, is a proven 4 line bow kite that delivers al the rider requirements of huge range, instant 100% de-power, massive vertical boost, instant re-launch ability and overall flight stability. The TURBO 3 is designed for any kiter, entry level to advanced, looking for 4 line simplicity in a bow platform.

Along with a solid reputation and supported with Slingshot\'s commitment to unsurpassed customer service, the Slingshot TURBO3 makes kiteboarding easy, accessible and fun! full quiver of T3's.

nieuwe site & sponser Sam Van Olmen

ImageDe 2008 site van F-one rider Sam Van Olmen staat sinds vanmorgen online. Komende winter wil hij veel trainen en foto’s zal hij de komende weken regelmatig posten op deze vernieuwde website.
Sinds kort wordt hij eveneens gesponsored door Mystic die heb zullen voorzien van de nodige accesoires zodat hij deze winter geen kou hoeft te lijden.

Check de site

Proficiat met je nieuwe sponsor Sam!!

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