North Paris 08

Paris 08
Nieuwe design voor de 08 Paris Girls.

Liquid Force 08

LQ 08
The Havoc for 2008 has been dramatically improved with a new wing tip shape, bomb proof construction and great attention to detail.

With the same diamond wingtip design the Hi Fi comes with 5th line safety system and extended depower.

The Session is an SLE hybrid kite .... read more

Hydrofoil boards go FAST

Info on the new Foilboards, @

Direct link...

Kalima Boards 08

ImagePreview of the new boards, made in Fuerteventura.

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Slingshot Fuel 08 info

Fuel 08
Presentation of the new Fuel 08.

Read all here...

Brasil Wave Rider Video

ImageHot Wave action by Guily Brando, riding tubes and making screws.

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North Vegas 08

Vegas 08
The Vegas, as a progressive freestyle kite adapts… and conquers! The 08 Vegas is a high depower C-kite tuned for amazing direct bar feel. Famously known for its speed and kite loop ability, The Vegas is an awesome kite for boost and unhooking. Still featuring the 2-pump inflation system, the 2008 Vegas lives up to its reputation, with robust construction and unmistakable style.

More info here...

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