Slingshot Rev Test ETIKKITE

ImageVan 30 augustus tot... kan u de slingshot Rev gratis testen bij Etikkite
Enkel op afspraak, bel 03495576773

Slingshot Lunacy promo

Ruben Lenten shows his pro model the LUNACY


Shinn Wave Hybrid pdf

Full details on the new Wave Hybrid by Shinn.

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Airush 08 website

Airush 08
The new Airush website is online, view all the gears for 2008.

Hot action pic's online.

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Carafino Hydra foil

Foil board
Hi all,

We got a hydrofoil board from Carafino here in Egypt.

First, it's a really nice product, excellent finish and looks.

None of us tried a foil board before and it was interesting at first. Now we have been using it for a few days and it is really not that difficult.
It's just fine with straps, it is not heavy on your knees or ankles. Somtimes it can be a bit painful when wiping out but I am glad I have straps to get out of.
It goes upwind like nothing else, even in the lightest winds. I was out on a 12 Naish X1 in 12 knots and having problem coming back downwind. Really, downwind riding is harder than upwind...
I was going upwind on my 3rd ride on that board and could keep it up on the foil quite easy all the time by then. The first few tries can be frustrating but as soon as you get the hang of riding with straight legs and a bit of front weight it is easy.
Another guy, Joe, is obviously more talanted than myself, he rides toeside with ease and have started trying backloops already on the 5th time out.

There is a small video clip here:

If you get a chance, try it, it's lots of fun!


Colona Watersports
Hurghada, Egypt

Open Rodenbach Kite en Surf Cup - Windekind

ImagePlaats : Surfclub WINDEKIND – Oostduinkerke
Wanneer: zaterdag 18 augustus 2007
Prijzen: 3000,00 euro: 1 kite, 2 kiteboards, kledij, zonnebrillen, ...

Om 19.00 gratis BBQ voor alle deelnemers
Om 21.00 FUIF tot ????

Inschrijvingen op 18 aug. 2007
Tussen 09.00 en 10.30 uur
Inschrijvingsprijs 5 euro
Briefing van Wedstrijdsdirecteur om 10.30

Cabrinha 08 range

Cabrinha 08
Overview of the complete Cabrinha 08 range.

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