After over a year of testing, we are proud to bring to market the GHOST V1. Built from the ground up this single strut kite is light, simple and insanely fun to fly. The sizes span from 2.5m - 17m.

This means there is a Ghost for everyone. Foilers, Freeriders, and Lightwind puff hunters will all be stoked on this new paranormal shape. Returning for its 12th iteration is the RPM V12 w/ Flyline Bridle System. We have continued the RPMs evolution with our new canopy material; 4x4 Canopy Tech - making in stiffer, stronger, and more durable. Last year we introduced FlyLine in conjunction with the new Modified Open C shape to usher in a new meaning of any condition and all performance for the RPM. This enhanced kite shape and bridle configuration accelerate the RPM’s turning speed as well as increase the lift and hangtime.

This performance has made the RPM the most decorated and award winning kite of all time; 3 PKRA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2 GKA FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1 GKA AIRGAMES CHAMPIONSHIP 4 KITE PARK LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS 6x TRIPLE S CHAMPION The TURBINE is the pinnacle of light wind reliability and session saving dependability. We've channeled the sizes down to 15m & 17m to focus on its niche. The proven Open Delta C platform continues to deliver amazing power per size, upwind trajectory, and instant relaunch.

The line also includes three all-time favorite kiteboards:

The GLIDE (in two NEW SIZES), The completely redesigned VISION (in three NEW SIZES) and a proven free ride favorite the CRISIS.

Making light wind riding a breeze

The Zephyr is a renowned dynamic light wind model, without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market to deliver efficient performance and handling.


The sixth version of the Zephyr brings modifications to the profiles, increasing the canopy stability for a smoother feeling in the air.

The revised sail tension calculation and a refined bridle set up improve bar feeling and operating range.​


With an incredible wind range; 6-20 knots, the Zephyr gives you the possibility to continue riding when the wind increases, this unique attribute sets it apart from competitors.



Having the power of a 17m kite on-demand with the feedback of a 13m translates to more fun in light winds.


Airush Kiteboarding - Introducing the IQR


Duotone Evo 2020 Product Clip

De Evo is de beste allrounder van de Duotone-serie en is een favoriet onder velen, voor freeride, big air, golven en alles wat je op het water wilt doen. De Evo staat al jaren in de Duotone line-up en is in de constante zoektocht naar verbetering, is het de best presterende kite in alle disciplines geworden. Riders als Tom Hebert zien kiteboarding in een breed perspectief; ze houden net zo veel van freestyle als van old school big air en foiling. De Evo is Tom's keuze, omdat het hem vrijheid geeft, wat hij ook besluit te doen.

Voor 2020 hebben we de pulleys van de bridle verwijderd, wat als effect heeft dat de reactiviteit van de kite wordt verhoogd en dat de kite toch een ongelooflijke depower biedt.
Er is ook een nieuw trailing edge-ontwerp met een golfpatroon dat flapperen en doekslijtage in dit kritieke gebied drastisch vermindert.
De Evo kan worden gevlogen als een vier- of vijflijns kite, en het drie-strutontwerp is klaar voor alles wat je maar wilt.
Kitesurfen is altijd al een kwestie van vrijheid geweest, laat je niet definiëren door andere kites, laat de Evo je vrij voelen!

North Kiteboarding - Carve Kite

This video is about the all new North Kiteboarding Carve the all round three strut wave/strapless freestyle and freeride kite.

Edge V10 - Landing Soon

Prepare for takeoff... The Edge V10 will be landing at a spot near you VERY soon!

The 10th version of high adrenaline, warp speed, massive air and mind-bending freeride experience!

Video: Ricardo Pinto /Vasco Santos / Paulino Pereira

Ozone Code V2 TwinTip

A board that comes alive the second it hits the water!

The Code was our first production twin tip, it has proven to be an outstanding all-round free ride performance board.

The Code V2 has been further refined for increased edge control and upwind performance.

Airush Lithium v11 - Legendary Performance Reimagined

Ideal for the rider that spends countless hours on the water, the Lithium offers premium freeride versatility while remaining predictable and stable in the air.
The focus on wingtip and strut layout in conjunction with the Delta Hybrid design ensures the quickest response through the air as well as an instant relaunch.
With amazing park power, stability, and ease of use, the Lithium is simply the perfect kite.

This year the Lithium v11 received a performance overhaul including a reduced leading edge diameter, a slightly flatter profile, and reduced wingtip sweep.
These adjustments have enhanced the kites high-end performance while keeping true to its roots as the predictable, plug & play freeride machine that you have gotten to know over the years.

Read more about the Lithium v11 here:

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