My most painful kiteboarding accident (broke my leg)

Ozone Hyperlink V2 out now



The Hyperlink V2 bridges the gap between inflatable and foil kites. It's as dynamic and engaging to ride as an inflatable and combines the high performance characteristics of a foil.


The Hyperlink V2 is the perfect option for anyone taking the leap from inflatable to foil kites.

It has a rapid inflation thanks to the new valve design and positioning combined with a new internal structure.

The new drainage valves at both wing tips seal to keep air in, and open up when water needs to drain out.


With unparalleled stability, lighter weight, improved handling and bar feeling the V2 design takes it to the next level.

It excels on water, snow and land. Our innovative valve design makes it quick and easy to set up as a Closed Cell or Open Cell kite.


The Hyperlink V2 features an all-new material combination; it's durable, airtight and extremely lightweight. 

The new material has a unique formulated coating to help shed water, improving flying characteristics and water re-launch.


The ability to safely self-land a kite on the snow or land is a crucial feature.

We have completely re-designed the internal structure to incorporate our industry leading Internal Re-Ride Release System. 

This allows the kite to de-power instantly without tangling, and falls to the ground to re-launch when ready.

A clean and simple design with an easy to use trim system. 
An all-new push-away quick release with an intuitive one-step Click-In reload function.

F-ONE Foil Test Days Zeebrugge 27/28 April

Come visit our F-ONE BNLX Foil Test Day at ICARUS Zeebrugge on Saturday 27 or Sunday 28 April.

The whole F-ONE Foil Range 2019 will be present; and we will arrange foil clinics.

Clinics only with registration via:


foto van F-One Benelux.

Enjoy all conditions, fly F-ONE HALO

Hello HALO
Enjoy all conditions, fly the HALO

Newest addition to F-ONE kite collection.
The HALO is a ram-air kite designed to enjoy the pure feeling of flying a kite in all conditions and on all terrain. 

"You won't believe how versatile it is"

Connor Bainbridge
Designed for all conditions
and all terrain
Exceptionally manoeuvrable 
Reliable and offers
a comfortable ride 
Easy to travel with 

The HALO goes with the new F-ONE FOIL bar.

The FOIL bar gives the HALO a whole new dimension as it is perfectly tuned for this kite. 

F-One 2019 Foil Test Days

Vanaf april gaan wij weer van start met onze Foil Clinics. Naast onderstaande vaste locaties in Nederland en Belgie, zullen wij op meerdere mobiele locaties aanwezig zijn. Meld je aan voor onze nieuws updates en hoor wekelijks waar we staan.

Inschrijven kan eenvoudig via:

- Brouwersdam
- Hoorn
- Ouddorp
- Scheveningen 2x
- Vlieland (vanaf juni 2019)
- Zandvoort 2x

- Oostduinkerke BE
- Zeebrugge B


Ozone Infinity V1 TwinTip


The Infinity V1 is a dedicated lightwind board that makes riding more exciting and progressive. It uniquely blends a classic twin-tip freeride feeling with impressive light wind performance.



Alive with speed and maneuverability, the Infinity V1 redefines what we think of as a light wind board.

It is livelier, lighter and smaller than other light wind specific boards on the market - the Infinity motivates progression!



Designed with a double concave bottom shape going flat towards channeled tips and optimized rocker line.

This combination provides early planning, continuous board speed through lulls and impressive upwind performance.


The Infinity rides high on the water for comfort in chop and ease of rolling into a turn.



Off centered inserts relieve stress on ankles while edging to ride upwind, this also allows for an easy load and pop in light breezes.

The Infinity’s cohesive flex pattern provides control when loading up for bigger airs and the progressive flex towards the tips helps absorb landings smoothly.

Ideally suited for twin-tip riders who want simply to cruise, freeriders searching for high end light wind performance, all the way to freestyle addicts aspiring to throw unhooked tricks in a breeze.

Don’t find yourself sitting in desperation on the beach, take the Infinity and tear it up!

GKA Cabo Verde 2019 | FINALS

After four days of absolutely all-time conditions at Ponta Preta, Mitu Monteiro and Moona Whyte retained their first place positions from the single eliminations and won the doubles to become the champions of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde!

Ozone Catalyst V2 - The Art of Progress

The first thing you will notice is the V2 is very stable and predictable to launch, land and fly. It has “sheet in and go” power delivery, helping you to get up and ride easily. The wide wind range and progressive de-power lets you ride in variable and gusty conditions comfortably. The updated airfoil section produces efficient power even when the kite is at the edge of the wind window, helping you to ride upwind, giving you more time to spend improving your skills!

A huge smile factor comes standard on the Catalyst V2 - it is a fun and easy kite to ride that will make your progression in the sport fast, safe and enjoyable. The predictable power and lift makes first jumps a breeze with easy loft, good hang time and smooth landings.

Making life easy the water re-launch is incredibly simple and intuitive due to its unique shape and increased leading edge tube diameter. By simply turning the bar or using the re-launch balls on the leader lines, the kite will easily roll over into the re-launch position ready to take off from the water.

Our time proven Front Line Flag Out release system is simple and effective, it is the same system featured on our entire water kite range. When the Click-in Loop is released the kite will flag out to one front line, immediately stopping all power delivery from the kite.

The Catalyst V2 is the choice for anyone getting into the sport or for riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring kite with ease of use at its heart.

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