Ozone AMP V1 - Progression To The People

Representing a new paradigm in C-Kite design the AMP is a progressive yet user-friendly freestyle and park style kite. Offering amateur to pro the response, feedback and control to take their riding to the next level.

The design team focused on creating a kite that was both predictable and adaptable for hooked and un-hooked riding. The AMP has been developed to grow with you; no longer are the progressive kites for just the Professionals!

Whether you’re learning your first un-hooked raley, boosting kite loops, or styling out advanced park and freestyle manoeuvers, the AMP will keep you in control with the highest level of feedback, predictable turning speed and a similar feeling precisely tuned across all sizes. It is ultra smooth to fly and provides inspirational confidence to go for it!

The AMP features three unique and easily interchangeable performance settings to compliment your skill set and riding needs.

It has all the attributes to keep you at the top of your game. There’s no need to feel left behind, join the progression and stay AMP’d!

Ruben Lenten has been out in Cape Town putting the AMP through its paces. Having debuted it at the King of the Air at the end of Jan he is now completely hooked on its boosting and looping potential:

“Getting the AMP dialed in was easy as I fell in love with the direct feel, power and handling throughout the whole wind window right away. I feel in control and ready to push further as I exactly feel where the kite is at all times.
The Ozone team have done a stellar job in creating one kite with three unique settings that make the kite fly perfectly for what I do, boosting and kite loops but the AMP’s also got settings to provide unparalleled performance for unhooked sessions and park riding with a 4 or 5 line option to create the feel you like. I’m already looking fwd to the next session, I can’t wait to see people fly the AMP kite to feel the performance and see them experience progress and above all lots of stoke.” - Ruben

Find out more: ozonekites.com/products/water-kites/amp-v1/

Naish 4x KOTA winner


Ruben lenten joins OZONE




The whole Ozone team have followed Ruben Lenten since the early beginnings of his Kiting career and have admired his dedication and commitment to growing the sport. Our paths have crossed several times and we are now stoked to have Ruben officially become part of the Ozone team. Renowned for pushing the more extreme side of Kitesurfing his whole ethos resonates with being driven by the elements, consistently being inspired by nature’s most brutal conditions. 

We are excited to welcome Ruben on board as our Brand Ambassador, as a top level rider he knows all too well the importance of having the most high-end and efficient equipment possible whilst taking performance and innovation into account. Ruben will continue to drive the growth of Kitesurfing, together with Ozone's continual drive for producing innovative performance equipment this is a perfect match. 

Ruben is a legend in the industry, his enthusiastic passion for the sport is contagious for anyone who comes in contact, He is dedicated to inspire people to send it and live life to the fullest. We are thrilled to have him riding our equipment and representing us on the combined mission to push kitesurfing to the next level.

 A very warm & windy welcome to the team Ruben!


Ruben will be riding our newest release, the AMP V1. Representing a new paradigm in C-Kite design the AMP is a progressive yet user-friendly freestyle and park style kite. Offering amateur to pro the response, feedback and control to take their riding to the next level.

Liquid Force WOW v4 Kite

The WOW v4, with a complete redesign, offers wave seekers and strapless surf freestylers a kite with effortless flying characteristics. This kite lets you focus on pulling the next move, making unmakeable sections, and placing yourself perfectly in the pocket. Our goals for the WOW v4 were to improve response from the bar, increase turning speed, and tighten the axis point radius of the turning arc while retaining the superior slack line drift the WOW has always been known for. To accomplish this, our design change started with an exploration of a completely new profile and shape. After countless hours of computer-aided design, numerous prototypes and months of testing, we have arrived at a new profile arc and a new “boxey” shape that meet all of our design goals. Increased bar response improves the intuitive feel, rapid pivotal turning axis lets you precisely place the kite where you want it and the smooth power delivery can easily be dumped on demand to handle erratic and gusty wind or to grant complete depower for surfing without the power of the kite.

Kitesurfing at the NORTH CAPE!

Arthur called me to ask if I wanted to kitesurf at the North Cape in Norway. My first answer was YES let's do it. But I never knew it was going to be so though to kite. 2 hours of sun light a day, ice cold Barents sea, super gusty wind and all the local fisherman telling me not to go out... Wow this is quite a crazy challenge. But thanks to the amazing team around me we found a spot to go in the water safely and kitesurf at the NORTH CAPE. With this I want to create awareness for a charity called Serious Request. We are still trying to raise as much money as possible so every little donation will help. https://kominactie.npo3fm.nl/actie/ki... Special thanks to the team that made this trip and movie possible: Arthur https://www.noordkaapchallenge.com https://www.facebook.com/NoordkaapCha...

Jump over pier in Blankenberge Belgium

thomas de wispelaere springt over pier in Blankenberge

Ozone R1 V3 out now!

Our understanding of true race performance is not only raw power and speed.

It is the combination of every aspect of a kites characteristics, and most importantly how easy it is to access its full potential.





The R1 V3 design is derived from the incredibly successful R1 V2.

Its race winning performance made it the benchmark kite in the racing scene.



We have refined the design for the V3, taking it to the next level without compromising accessibility to the R1s supercharged performance.

All sizes of R1 V3 are IKA registered.



A re-designed internal structure increases strength & support without additional weight.

14% LESS DRAG //

Re-calculated bridle line diameters reduce overall line drag by 14%.

Slingshot the new RPM

From Slack to Soar

For years, the RPM was fine-tuned to load, pop and go slack in the air before re-engaging. We had the tuning down to a science, and it helped give multiple freestyle world champions their gold medals. Our mission with the 2019 RPMwas to change that - not to eliminate anything - but to shift the kite’s tuning to where we see the sport shifting. At the level the RPM is designed for that means bigger, better, loftier in-air performance. From slack to soar, the 2019 RPM is the world’s go-to kite for versatile freeride performance.

  • Completely new FlyLine bridle incorporates pulley and bungee for a more direct feel and smoother power delivery in the window. 
  • The Deep-C shape, in the air, gives more overall power, structural stability, hangtime and control. 
  • New Load Shift transfers power and load from wingtip to wingtip resulting in smoother, cleaner, more powerful performance.
  • Bombproof Slingshot engineering and construction, always. 
- ALSO -

Launching with the new RPM we have three of our go-to twin tips for a range of conditions. For light-wind shenanigans, you can’t beat the Glide; for freestyle, freeriding, boosting, big air and crossover versatility, look no further than theVision; and for a user-friendly, all-around ride the Crisis will leave you with no worries in the world.   


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