Welcome to another episode of my kiteboarding travels! This time together with Le Tranq we built a van for kiteboarding adventures!

We nailed it in 3 weeks, so we left for Sardinia for an awesome kiteboarding trip. Hope you enjoy it, and I see you in the next episode :)

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have to do and obsticles you need to overcome. Deadlines, long nights, unanswered emails. Chasing many goals at once and running from things that are going to catch you anyway... You don't need to slow down. You need the 5th line therapy. It's a kiteboarding movie. don't expect much.

Summer in Holland equals low wind periods. Back to airstyle, landing some new stylish tricks.

Watch Marley's first session riding boots, coached by Jesse at Kite Beach and check out Marley's Next Gen team rider profile here: www.northkb.com/en/news/people/north-next-gen-rider-marley-franco Next Gen rider Marley Franco, was handpicked by 2020 King of the Air Winner Jesse Richman, who describes Marley as the coolest, most hard-core shredder he's ever met.


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