Brasil Wave Rider Video

ImageHot Wave action by Guily Brando, riding tubes and making screws.

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North Vegas 08

Vegas 08
The Vegas, as a progressive freestyle kite adapts… and conquers! The 08 Vegas is a high depower C-kite tuned for amazing direct bar feel. Famously known for its speed and kite loop ability, The Vegas is an awesome kite for boost and unhooking. Still featuring the 2-pump inflation system, the 2008 Vegas lives up to its reputation, with robust construction and unmistakable style.

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North 08 Boards

Rocket 08
A overview of the new 08 boards by North:

North’s reputation in Kiteboard construction doesn’t need to be made any more. Its 3D Cap sandwich construction is the result of five years experience with high pressure technology and allows the creation of individual flex properties in various areas of their boards, giving each one of them different and optimised riding characteristics.
One step further is the Carbon 3D Cap Sandwich, featured in the Pro model range.
All together, the 2008 North board range features no less than 8 different models!

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Slingshot SST Kitesurf Board

New for 2008  is the SST it is 6'2", The Slingshot SST can be used as a Kitesurf Board and a normal Surfboard and at 6'2" what a good size!

Slingshot REV

SLingshots new 2008 SLE :

The S2AS Team have just got back from Testing the new Kites from Slingshot inc the new SLINGSHOT REV, we tried it in light winds on day 1 and the following day in a good 20 knots no hype from us just pure honesty!!

This kite will blow your mind away. It is super stable, fast, and very forgiving.

The safety system is unreal... you can release the chicken loop on a full release so the bar goes up the centre line and STILL re-launch the kite with no Line tangles at all!! Every time.

Jumping blah blah blah every brand says "it jumps higher than last years kite"

All I will say it JUMPS MASSIVE!!

I ride 2007 Fuels.... now they are up for sale!!! I have just got myself two Rev's

Angelo (S2AS Team rider)

North Sigma?

North Sigma
Spy pic van een North Sigma ontwerp,  zou dit de opvolger zijn van de Rhino??

Blijkbaar zijn er meerdere merken bezig met dit ontwerp.


Naish Gears PDF

Naish 08
A overview of all the new 2008 Gears, including all the boards.

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